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Hi, I'm Tim

I'm a Yoga student and practitioner in Nashville, TN. My interest in Yoga and meditation began following my first Army deployment to Iraq in 2016. Upon returning home, I noticed through the mirror of my partner that I was having a challenging time adjusting to normal life. Crowds were overwhelming, my mind was rarely present. Even in the weightless environment of a post-deployment vacation, with nothing real to worry about, I was struggling to find inner peace.


My system was telling me I was in danger, even though there were no external threats to be addressed. So I picked up a book called "10 Percent Happier" and got into mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness practices gave me a better understanding of the variability of the mind and states of being. These practices helped me quell anxieties in the moment, and brought me deeper into self awareness.

A few years passed, and my journey into meditation practices plateaued. Working with a therapist helped me to identify my own patterning, and source these patterns to traumatic environments and events from my past. Understanding these patterns was immensely helpful, but unwinding them to create new patterns of presence would require more effort. So, at the recommendation of my therapist, I began seeing a Yoga Therapy practitioner.


Through Yoga Therapy, I was able to expand past the psychological understanding of my unconscious patterning and move toward rewriting them. I learned more in the first two sessions with my Yoga Therapist than I had in 5 years of reading books and meditating on my own. Through my own budding practice, I became deeply interested in the philosophy and application of Yoga and began a 15-month study with the Yoga Well Institute, led by Chase Bossart. Through this program, I gained a visceral desire to become a lifetime student of the Viniyoga lineage, and to become a conduit of healing for others.

I am currently working toward my RYT-500 certification, and am not accepting payment for my services at this time. I am, however, accepting a limited amount of clients on a free or donation-only basis.


If you're interested in connecting, please feel free to sign up for a 15 minute introductory call. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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